The Neil and Danielle Story (Story of ongoing true love)

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Danielle and Neil Christmas 2005

This is Neil.  I met him the last week of September 2005 in an AOL Los Angeles chat room.  I was having a rough time with the guy I was seeing at that time, and after convincing myself that I’m worthless to exist–I had an idea.  Why don’t I just talk online to somebody and my problems would work themselves out.  Little did I know though, that is exactly what was about to happen.  I entered the LA Chat room and punched in my area code bait….and waited to see what I was going to reel in.  About 10-20 guys IMed me what felt like all at once.  But from the second I saw this screen name: CogentLion2012 I was I don’t know how, but immediately taken with him.  Eventually I got rid of every guy except CogentLion2012.  It was like I could feel a vibe seeping out of the computer drawing me closer and closer to him.  I rarely have ever given anyone online my home phone number to any person.  And though my heart was leaping out of my chest I tried to remain stubborn.  Then as our conversation was winding down, I finally gave him my digits.  He called immediately and upon hearing that sexy voice I was just head over heels for this guy.  We flirted and talked on the phone for a week, when in a fit of stubbornness I was putting off us meeting IRL.  Then I was sleeping and I woke up to see the most sweet and romantic text message ever from Neil.  I immediately replied asking him to go out with me the next night.  And with every step we’ve taken toward each other since, we loved each other boundlessly and with great intensity.  He has been there for me when no one else wanted to deal with me and problems over the past year or so.  It’s been 1 year and 4 months since I met Neil Tanaka.  Every day my love for this wonderful man gets stronger.  Our bond with each other more indestructable.  Neil is my soul mate.  I have always loved the ‘idea’ of a soul mate but after watching my parents and friend’s parents deal with so much unhappiness with love and marriage–I gave up on the notion that my love given and recieved could ever be a fulfilling enough aspect to my life.  Neil has showed me what it feels like to be worshipped like a goddess, spoiled like a princess, and given respect like a queen.

Neil if you ever read this, know this one fact.  Your love gives me the strength EVERYDAY to look forward to another and another day in this world smothered in your love.


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