Share Your Opinion With Me!

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Thank you visiting my forum.  If you have any questions, concerns, compliments (?), complaints about my blog you may use any method below to contact me.  I’m not running a show here where I’m trying to please anyone but myself–but feedback is good way to get a pulse on how what you’re putting out there is being perceived.  So Feel Free To Contact Me! 

 Danielle Jorgenson

Mira Loma, California 91752

Holler at me…

Get your own PrivatePhone number

The above number is to my phone service through Netzero.  I am missing some equipment in using the VoIP, but I still can recieve voicemail messages so feel free to speak your peace on my line.

**all comments are subject to the possibility of being shared in this blog at my discretion** ((so basically you don’t want anyone else to know OR ya say something not that bright–or maybe really too funny…… might end up being the source of ridicule))


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