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The religion with the largest misconception of its concepts and rituals is Paganism. Paganism is man kind’s oldest dating social concept. Many people see a Pentagram and think it is a symbol of supreme evil–satantic.

What are your feelings on Paganism in America?

I believe in one god and that Pagans will be punished for their satanic views
I try to embrace all sorts of different ideas
I know that Paganism is a natural and earth based religion that harms no one
Paganism is UnAmerican
I believe in Paganism, and its teachings have dramatically changed me
Non Judeo-Christians will be sorry on judgement dayView Results

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Do you believe in the date December 21, 2012?  Well if you don’t know the signifigance of this date–I’ll explain it to you.

Going back centuries the Mayan Culture flourished in South America.  The Mayans did not only keep “time” it was their obsession.  The calender the Mayans created is based on far more accurate calculations than the western calender most of use to track minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.  The Mayans had a very advanced way of looking at life and made some incredible leaps in technology that most scientists still can’t piece together.  How did the Mayans have such a superior way of making astronomical calculations?  There are many theories on how the Mayans gained their great time keeping skills, but sadly cause of the destruction of Mayan society by the evil catholic church….we may just never know for sure.

The signifigance of all this is clear.  See the Mayans had a way of being able to judge when time “began” and scarily have predicted the exact date that time will stop.  On December 21, 2012 a huge event is going to finally be completed in the earth’s natural cycle.  The axis for the earth will complete its change to begin leaning another way on December 21, 2012.  We have no way of knowing how this scientific event is going to affect life as we know it on this planet.  Will our gravitational pull change, will cataclsymic weather thin out the world from over crowding.  There is just no set chain of events being figured here.  But a culture obsessed with time can be heard hundreds of years later–like a whispered warning on the air–they had a specific reason for believing the date of the end of the world.  I suppose we won’t know the full details till 2012. 

What if it means a faster acceleration of humanity evolving?  That would be a great thing if the natural earth’s processes could provide the window we need to better ourselves as a species.  There is CLOSED MINDED and OPEN MINDED, no gray area.  And only those of us with open minds will go to the next level conciousness.  And I say this to all of humanity, don’t fight evolution.  Embrace the next level with open mind and pure heart.



For Info on 2012 Beliefs you could click the text above–it will you give a good start to researching 2012.


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