About Danielle

Free MySpace CountersHello there!!  My name is Danielle Jorgenson.  I am a 25 year old writer who doubles as my mother’s caregiver.  I live in Mira Loma, California.  Probably the most absurd city in California Mira Loma is!!!  See Mira Loma has the look of a farm town that should be far off from civilization.  Yet Mira Loma is in the smack middle of So Cal.  To say the least I’ve never lived this much in the country before.

I am married to the most wonderfully perfect for me man I’ve ever met–Neil (of course that’s us in the picture).  Neil really saves me on a pretty much daily basis.  My world has centered itself around him.  Knowing the strength from his chi keeps me going when life really isn’t going so well.

I hope if you’re here reading this you leave me a comment–I love the blogging cause its like diary that talks back to you!

-Danielle Jorgenson

Holler at me…

Holler at me…

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