Step right up and see the freak show!

It is the early morning which has spawned this burst of creativity.  Maybe I’ve been up to long or not long enough…something will have to give.  Welcome to my “professional-listic’ blog instead of the corny one I used to keep on “My personal docu-drama Myspace.

Well if you’re here you should know a few basic things about me.  I’m married, I have a bad case of social phobia combined with manic depression, I’m a practicing enchantress….and uh my favorite food is fried chicken.  If you like this blog now or in the future show me some love and let me know you were here.  That’s why I blog and don’t write in a journal in the first plac.  Everyone needs feedback and advice. 

Currently right now in the career department, I am in the very early stages of writing a book.  It’s going to be a sci-fi/fantasy.  I can’t figure out yet if it will be for the young adult racket or straight up adult.  The book I’m writing is based on the most incredible dream I’ve ever had–and still picture the images in my mind.  So I don’t even expect to be past the researching and educating myself on certain things anytime in the foreseeable future.  I guess you could say this was my big dream.  Not to be a famous writer, just to be a writer.  I’m living out a dream.  And fewer than should be allowed people are the ones that actually do it.  Most people dream of the great things and never do anything about.  Even if when I’m done this book is racid….I’m still gonna be proud of me for living the life I wanted–and on MY terms.


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